Using wireless router as WiFi signal booster

If you find the WiFisignal is too weak, you may want to buy or make a WiFi antenna, but if you have a wireless router, you can use it as WiFi signal booster as well. Here we take DD-WRT wireless router for example and the firmware version is DD-WRT V24.

Steps to use your wireless router as WiFi signal booster

First, you need to find the SSID of the wireless signal, and find out where in your house the signal is the strongest, and then put the wireless router there.

Second, type (it varies) in the address bar in your browser and login to your wireless router control panel. Locate wireless tab and select basic settings, it is AP by default, but we select client as we are going to use it to receive and send data. Then select mixed for wireless network mode, also type the SSID number you find.

Thirdly, go to setup->basic setup, select automatic configuration-DHCP for connection type, and then you do not need to input IP address for your wireless devices.

Fourthly, refresh, and you will see the IP address allocated by the other wireless router or AP (where the wireless signal is from). But please make sure the IP address you set earlier for this router won’t contradict with the other router or AP.

Fifthly, login to the other router or AP, go to NAT/QOS button, find DMZ and enter your router’s IP address, save and exit.

Now login to your wireless router and repeat step five, but this time enters your desktop, or laptop or cell phone’s IP, save and exit.

Finally click apply settings, and all done, you will enjoy a speed as high as the other wireless devices!

Please note you need full control of the other router in order to use your wireless router as WiFi signal booster.