Top five free cell phone tracking software

At the beginning of March, we compiled a list of top five mobile phone tracking software in terms of the features. Now the list is ready for our visitors, if you have any question regarding this list, please get in touch with us at or follow me on twitter.


MobiWee currently supports Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry cell phones. Users can remotely Locate and track their device, retrieve their information, then lock, wipe, encrypt, delete certificates (for the corporate user), and shutdown their device from any web browser- even if the SIM card has been removed.

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Find My iPhone

Once you enabled Find My iPhone on your iPhone, you can:
1. Locate your iPhone on a map.
2. Set a passcode lock remotely.
3. Display a message or play a sound on your lost iPhone.
4. Protect your privacy with Remote Wipe.

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Buddy is a free GPS track maker for mobile devices that allows you to track any mobile phone or PDA with built-in GPS (or with Bluetooth GPS receiver) in real time.
1. Track any GPS-enabled phone in real-time online.
2. Save trips for later reference.
3. Share the trips with desired people or keep them private.
4. Capture and comment on particular locations of your trip (in real-time) directly from your phone.
5. Import and save trips to Google Earth to visualize them in 3D-mode and more.
6. View route statistics and charts: route length, route duration, avg. & max. speed, altitude changes, etc.
7. Setup alerts on desired regions and get alerted when nearby.
8. See the list of supported devices on the website.

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Mobile tracking system

Mobile Tracking System 1.51 is a free mobile phone tracker, it allows you tracing a mobile phone location via Gps.
1. Tracking a mobile phone location from a GSM mobile phone or GPS receiver.
2. Tracing your current location from a GSM cell phone or GPS receiver.
3. Add or edit a cellid directly from the mobile client.
4. Realtime any user tracking (if allowed by user).
5. Send and receive e-mail messages directly to and from the MTS client.
6. Send and receive MTS chat messages.
7. Send and receive files.

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InstaMapper is a free service that allows you to track a GPS-enabled cell phone online in real time.
1. Lots of storage.
2. Access to raw data.
3. Location sharing.

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find my iphone

Among above cell phone tracking software, BuddyWay, Find My iPhone, Mobile tracking system and InstaMapper are free to use, you can choose any one of them depending on your cell phone OS.