Super Bluetooth hack V1.08 – free download

Super Bluetooth hack V1.08 image
By name it’s a Bluetooth hack software, at least it’s what it gives me the impression. In fact Super Bluetooth hack is a Java app designed to control mobile devices using Bluetooth with limited functionality. Although its developer claims it has various features, but most of them as you will find does not work. Besides, you are not supposed to hack or control any Bluetooth enabled mobile devices. You need to make people accept your incoming Bluetooth request, which is kind of impossible for people you do not know. That is, you can only play it with your family or friends or class mate.

After that being said, Super Bluetooth hack is not a hacking tool since it does not work with others permission. I do not think a hacker / cracker will ask for permission from the owner of the PC he / she is dropping exploit. lol

Here are the official features listed.

– Connect via BT/Irda with consent
– Change time / alarms
– switch off or restart the device
– restore factory settings
– change ringing volume
– read text messages
– read phone book
– change profile
– play ringtone even if the handset is on silent
– play songs (in target phone)

After gong through above if you are interested in this Super Bluetooth hack, check it out here.