Monitor your home using Argus Remote Surveillance

Name: Argus Remote Surveillance v4.00.17

Argus RS is mobile surveillance app running on various version of Symbian mobile operating system, including Symbian S60v3, S60v5 and Symbian ^3 + etc. Argus Remote Surveillance is intend to turn a Symbian cell phone into a video surveillance system which support more than a few cameras and sites. You have to install the sever in your computer and the client in your mobile phone.

When you are away from your home and want to know what’s happening there every minute, this app will help you pay a close attention, without nobody’s presence. It requires a PC connected to a camera at your home, and you need access to the internet from your Symbian handset as well. The installing process is quite simple, install the software in both your PC and phone and that’s it.

1. Built in web camera or digital camera connected to your computer.
2. Internet connection in your computer.
3. Mobile internet to receive the images.

Please note you need a data plan on your phone as it could eat up your data really fast. If you have WiFi connection, then it’s not a concern.

Update, it now adds support to Symbian S60v5 and Symbian ^3, however it’s a little bit on the slow side, some say there is a more than 30 seconds delay. Anyway, check it out here.