iPhone GPS tracking software – Find My iPhone

Apple has recently announced an interesting feature called which is included in MobileMe. Actually this feature is like an iPhone tracking software. The iPhone user just have to enable this function in MobileMe and then login to me.com from any computer to get its current location.

By using this software, the users not only can protect their privacy such as phone numbers and personal information, and can even retrieve their iPhone. The key features are listed below:

– Locate your lost or stolen iPhone. If your iOS device goes missing, you can login to me.com using your Apple ID, where you will be able to view your device’s current location.

– Lock your device remotely. If your iOS device is missing and you can not find it, you can sign in to me.com and lock your handset remotely by sending a password, so nobody can access it.

– Wipe your date remot3ly. If you are sure your iOS device can’t be find and has precious data on it, then a remote wipe can deleted all your data stored, including text messages, contacts, Email and photos. However if later you get your device back, your personal data can be restored from the cloud.

Further more, Find My iPhone has another feature, it can show a message or play a sound. This feature is very helpful if you forget where you leave your iPhone. Just ask MobileMe to play a sound and you will find your iPhone.

Update, Find My iPhone now is free for iOS 4+ users, and will be transferred to Apple new cloud based service iCloud.com