How to transfer files between laptop and mobile phone

There are many ways to transfer files between computers (laptops) and mobile phones, you may already know some of them, but it still deserves a read.

1.  You can always use a card reader if you have a memory card; many laptops even have built-in card readers. You just have to find the right destination folder in your memory card.

2.  You can use a data cable and most mobile phones are supplied with a data cable. Just connect the data cable to your computer and your mobile phone. For Windows 2000 and Windows XP, you do not need to install drivers. If your computer does not react you might as well connect it to another computer to decide if the data cable works properly or fit well.

3.  If both your laptop and mobile phone are Bluetooth enabled, you can pair them first. After pairing, you can use your mobile as a memory card without a card reader. How? Double click the icon of My Bluetooth place on the desktop, and then double click on your mobile name after a new window prompts, then you can transfer files easily.

4.  Sometimes you can download files directly to your mobile phone if you have a mobile internet. You can always connect to Internet through 3G network, GPRS or Wi-Fi network.