How to boost WiFi signal strength

Still upset about the weak signal strength of your WIFI network? Well, there are some tips for you.

1, Place the wireless router as near to your laptop as possible. However if there were more than one user relying on the wireless network, you have to put the router in the center of your office or house so that everyone can enjoy access to it.

2, Upgrade your wireless firmware to the latest version. The wireless router company may make improvements to boost the performance, so it would be a good idea to check your wireless router’s website from time to time.

3, Update your wireless network adapter driver. This also helps boost your WIFI signal strength. Be sure to back up first.

4, Buy or make a better antenna for your wireless router. Usually the omni-directional antenna that comes with the wireless router does poorly in transmitting signal to a broader location, so you can always buy or make your own antenna.

5, Buy a wireless signal repeater. A repeater will extend your WIFI signal coverage tremendously. However this requires spending extra money, but if you do not mind, it really helps a lot.

6, Upgrade to Wireless N. If you were to set up your WiFi network, you can consider using 802.11n devices. Wireless N uses multiple-in-multiple-out (MIMO), a smart antenna technology, and other improvements that make for much larger coverage areas and faster connections. To get full improvement, you also need to use both Wireless N for the router and the wireless adapters.

Now you should have better signal reception. If you have any good news after trying one or all of them, please let us know!!