How to identify Bluetooth mobile models

If you search for Bluetooth devices, you can find lots of Bluetooth enabled mobile phones, and many of them name themselves the mobile phone name, such as Nokia 6300, T610-phone. That is because a lot of mobile phones use the default name, and we will know what kind of Bluetooth devices we have found. But sometimes we are not so lucky, we may find device name like Alex or other names we can not judge their models, however there are still a few ways may help you to identify the Bluetooth mobile phones you find.

Similar to NIC, each Bluetooth device has a unique physic address, and you can use the first three bytes to identify their manufacturer. Generally speaking, Nokia mobile phones start with 00:02:EE, 00:60:57, 00:E0:03, Sony Ericson mobile phones start with 00:0A:D9, and Siemens mobile phones start with 00:01:E3. You can go to to check the physic address you find.

Although you can identify a Bluetooth enabled device by checking its physic address, you should use other methods to further identify its model as there are exceptions.

You can use a Bluetooth device fingerprint to further identify its model number. BTDSD published many Bluetooth mobile phones fingerprints at And these fingerprints are included in the database of BluePrint, get to its directory and type sdp browse –tree “your physic address”︱./ “your physic address”, and you will get its fingerprint.

With the Bluetooth devices physic address and fingerprint determined, you can identify its model now.