How to hack a SSID broadcast disabled WiFi network

In order to hack a WEP key, WPA key or MAC address filtered WiFi network, you need to know its SSID first.

Most WiFi hotspot and wireless router send out their SSID at regular intervals, but some disable their SSID broadcast so you will not know that their exists. But we are not using our naked eyes to find them, we always have tools in place. Here I will introduce how to find those invisible wireless network.

How to hack a broadcast disabled SSID

You can always use Network Stumbler to monitor if there are SSID broadcast disabled WiFi network, see below picture:

network stumbler image

You can see from above picture that there is MAC named 0018F8417B33 is a SSID broadcast disabled WiFi network. But sometimes Network Stumbler just does not work, and you need other options:

-You can use WildPackets AiroPeek NX to find the SSID, or

-Use ariodump to find the SSID. But you have to make sure that your WNIC is supported by ariodump, check the detailed list out at and download and install the relevant driver.

Since it’s a little complicated to use WildPackets AiroPeek NX, we’ll try the second option. Run airodump and input the relevant parameters, see the picture below:

airodump V2.3 image

When Airodump captures enough data, the SSID will be displayed automatically; below ESSID is a perfect depiction of the WiFi Access point that has the SSID broadcast disabled.airodump V2.3 result image