How to connect PSP to Internet via WiFi

PSP has built in WiFi, if you have a wireless router or hotspot nearby, you can easily connect your psp to internet via WiFi. And you can do a lot of things through the internet, such as upgrade your PSP, or browse the internet. And here’s a short guide on how to set up WiFi on your PSP.

Please make sure WiFi is switched on by flipping up the switch.

1. Now go to your PSP’s main screen, and scroll down to the network settings.
2. If you have a wireless router or hotspot, select “Infrastructure Mode”, and press â—‹ to continue.
3. Now click on connection and your PSP starts to detect WiFi signals.
4. If your PSP find any signal, it shows all available WiFi hotspots.
5. Select any WiFi hotspot and it prompts to configure WLAN Security Setting, if it’s open WiFi network, select none, otherwise select WEP or WPA-PSK if it’s encrypted.
6. For IP address, select easy.
7. Enter the name of this connection and save the changes and it’s set.

Sone psp wifi internet set up

No open your browser and select the access point you created just now, you can see that your PSP connected to internet via WiFi.

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