Free vehicle tracking software -Aspicore GSM Tracker

Name:Aspicore GSM Tracker

Aspicore GSM tracker is yet another mobile tracing apps designed specifically for Symbian handset. In fact Symbian was the most popular mobile operating system then until iOS came out. Aspicore GSM tracker can record your coordinate, speed etc and transmit these data to the server. The official description says Aspicore GSM Fleet Tracker for s60v3 is an free AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) tracking system to view your tracks on Google earth or, it can also be used to track a personal location.

In fact, it can be used on third-party server other than It’s really simple for anyone to set up a website, create a database and use Google Map to show the location. Considering the decrease of Symbian user base, no one would like to to that. But you can always find that people advertize their Symbian tracking app which is in fact Aspicore GSM tracker.


-View vehicle or people locations on your PC (both desktop and laptop).
-Find the nearest vehicle or technician to the next job site.
-Access route history for every vehicle in your fleet.
-Protect your Symbian cell phones against theft.

Update, the latest version is 3.26 with S60v5 support added, which means Symbian touchscreen phone made by Nokia, Samsung and Sony now can install this app. More details can be found here.

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