Free iPhone tracking software – iLocalis

iLocalis is not only an free iPhone GPS tracking software, but it also let you control your iPhone remotely. Many people regard it as the best theft-tracking app.

iLocalis at the moment supports all iPhone firmwares including 3G, 3GS. But the user has to jailbreak iPhone first, and you need to install Cydia.


-Track your iPhone location. You can login to their website and acquire your iPhone coordinates online.

– Retrieve your stolen or lost iPhone. If unfortunately you get your iPhone lost or stolen, you just have to login to their website and get your iPhone location. You can even send a message or make a phone call remotely.

-Let your friends or family track you. You can allow your friends or family to track you by using iLocalis, when you get to their near-by places, it will send a message to them, and it’s free!

For the free iPhone tracking app, please go to their website:

iLocalis comes in two version: basic and premium. The basic is free and premium version needs a subscription, but the latter has some features missing from the basic version, like remote backup, lock and wipe, and uninstall lock.

Since the in-built Find My iPhone now is free for iPhone users, iLocalis may not sound so attractive to people.