Facebook to roll out cell phone location tracking


According to techcrunch.com, the world’s largest social network website Facebook is to roll out a cell phone geographic location tracking service for iPhone and Android cell phones.

Facebook’s mobile version http://touch.facebook.com, a new sub domain, was reported to be found something called the “places_tab.” in the JavaScript file. However this new feature is not enabled yet, and the code was not found on Facebook’s other mobile version site yet.

As per the code, Facebook will record not only your latitude and longitude, but also your altitude, heading, and speed, according to this code (and assuming they can get all of that information). It will also record the accuracy of the location measurement.

With that said, when an iPhone or Android cell phone types http://touch.facebook.com or any other mobile version site where the code is being inserted into the mobile browser in the future, Facebook will be able to track the cell phone location. However, Facebook will support other touch screen cell phones in the future is not certain, people may have to wait for more news about this.