Control PC from phone using Bluetooth Remote Control

Name: Bluetooth remote control

Bluetooth RC is compatible with Windows XP,Windows 2000,Windows NT,Bluetooth phones supported Java. It lets you control your Bluetooth enabled PC from your cell phone via Bluetooth, you can browse files, play music and PowerPoint presentations on your computer.

User Guide:

1. Install the PC application.

2. Right click on the Bluetooth logo on the right bottom corner, select settings. Select the services tab on the popup window, click on Add serial services. A pop up dialog shows, and it automatically choose a COM port for you, confirm to exit. However if your are using WIDCOMM driver, go to control panel, double click on Bluetooth configuration, then select local on the pop up window, and then click Add serial service, then a dialog displays and choose a COM port for you, confirm and exit.

3. Now double click on the Bluetooth remote control icon on the desktop or programs, a window displays, click Install Phone Client, and you can choose v3.0 or v4.0 and send it to your mobile phone and install it. Usually v3.0 is recommended, but you can always try v4.0.

4. Choose the serial port you set in step 2 under COM Port Connect Method under the General tab.

5. Run Bluetooth remote control on your mobile phone, then locate settings, select COM port. Now pair your cell phone with your PC. Then select search, your cell phone will find your PC, confirm to connect. If your mobile phone connect to your PC successfully, it will prompt a window with all the available selections, now enjoy.

Hint, if you could not choose the serial port in step 4, click on Select Phone and choose the phone you have installed the Client application, then click on Connect to Phone. If successful, it shows your cell phone name: connected.

Update, I removed the download link, please Google it yourself.