Connect cell phone to Internet using Bluetooth tethering

There are now many ways of connecting Symbian mobile phones to internet using Bluetooth tethering. Tethering in Android and iOS device is really a piece of cake, but this is not the case in Symbian. In fact, there are a few steps to go before you can tether your Symbian handset.

You usually need built in Bluetooth chip or buy a Bluetooth USB dongle, and you have to install Gnubox  on your mobile phone, and m-router on your computer. This makes it is a little difficult for UIQ mobile phones. But this time we have got a Bluetooth proxy available for almost all mobile phones supported Java which makes it much easier for non-s60v3, non-s60v2 mobile phones.
Settings on PC.

First make sure you have installed Bluetooth driver, widcomm and bluesoil are strongly recommended. Also make sure your pc has JRE. Click on start on the left bottom corner, then click run, type CMD and hit enter, a window pop ups, type java –version. If it shows the version like below window, then go ahead. Otherwise go to download and install it.


Second, go to control panel, double click on Bluetooth configuration, and create an incoming serial port and write port number down.

Finally, download Hiisi1.6.3 and extract it, then locate Pihatonttu, find Pihatonttu.cmd and Pihatonttu_localhost.cmd, open them in notepad, change the COM port number to the serial port number you wrote down earlier and save.

Mobile phone settings

First create an Access Point on your mobile phone, name it bt, then go to advanced settings, enter for the proxy server address, and 1234 for the proxy port number.

Then go to folder Hiisi1.6.3Hiisibin, send hiisi.jar and hiisi.jad to drive E of your mobile phone and install hiisi.jad. After installation open it, if it asks if allow it to send data, choose always yes and choose bt as Access Point, then it starts to search new devices.

Thirdly, choose your computer when it has been found, then go to settings, check “check now”, and select Mozilla/5.0 (Symbian OS) for user agent and save.

Connect your cell phone to internet using Bluetooth


Now pair your mobile phone with your PC, run Pihatonttu.cmd on your computer, and open Hiisi Proxy on your mobile phone, please do not close any of them. Now open your mobile phone browser and select bt as the access point, and you are ready to go.

If you have iPhone, it’s rather easy, just enable it in settings.