iPhone – Bluetooth,WiFi,GPS Cell phone tracking http://www.eastmobiles.com Sat, 18 Aug 2018 15:16:59 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.7 How to debug apps on your handset http://www.eastmobiles.com/debug-apps-on-your-handset.html Sat, 18 Aug 2018 15:16:54 +0000 http://www.eastmobiles.com/?p=537 Apps on your handset, are essentially clients which communicate with their servers in the remote data center to function. While there are some apps which could work well without network connection, the number is quite rare.

So I am always interested to know what the apps are doing in the background when I tap them, except the start screen and main screen. What IPs are they connecting to, what requests are they initiating, and what data are they sending.

This is especially useful when I am trying to hack an app. I really hate those apps which scan my handset and upload the result in the background or busy downloading and showing ads which will certainly drain the battery.

If you like to do the same thing, you may need packet capturing apps, that could be of great help. Here are two apps you will find helpful.


Thor is designed specifically to debug both http and https traffic on iOS devices. However it’s not a freeware and the price is on the increase constantly.

In order to debug the traffic, the app will create a VPN and route all traffic generated by all your apps. Then you will be able to view hundreds of thousands of requests, these connection data can also be imported to other apps. If you are searching for a specific domain or keyword, no problem, it will let you filter any data.

Packet capture

This is a traffic debug app for Android, a much simplified version compared to Thor.

Like Thor, the app will create a VPN as well (so no root required) to record and analyze the requests. In general, you will see information like app icon and name, server IP and ports the app is connecting to, protocol type (TCP or UDP), date, time and data. Take a look at below screenshot to get a more detailed idea. Since this app do not provide filter functions, I would strongly suggest that you only open the apps you want to debug at a time.

If you know other apps, please share with me on Facebook, I will be glad to hear from you.

Free iPhone tracking software – iLocalis http://www.eastmobiles.com/free-iphone-tracking-software-ilocalis.html Mon, 16 Nov 2009 14:16:23 +0000 http://wdpress.com/?p=41

iLocalis is not only an free iPhone GPS tracking software, but it also let you control your iPhone remotely. Many people regard it as the best theft-tracking app.

iLocalis at the moment supports all iPhone firmwares including 3G, 3GS. But the user has to jailbreak iPhone first, and you need to install Cydia.


-Track your iPhone location. You can login to their website and acquire your iPhone coordinates online.

– Retrieve your stolen or lost iPhone. If unfortunately you get your iPhone lost or stolen, you just have to login to their website and get your iPhone location. You can even send a message or make a phone call remotely.

-Let your friends or family track you. You can allow your friends or family to track you by using iLocalis, when you get to their near-by places, it will send a message to them, and it’s free!

For the free iPhone tracking app, please go to their website: http://ilocalis.com

iLocalis comes in two version: basic and premium. The basic is free and premium version needs a subscription, but the latter has some features missing from the basic version, like remote backup, lock and wipe, and uninstall lock.

Since the in-built Find My iPhone now is free for iPhone users, iLocalis may not sound so attractive to people.

iPhone GPS tracking software – Find My iPhone http://www.eastmobiles.com/iphone-gps-tracking-software-find-my-iphone.html Tue, 20 Oct 2009 05:01:03 +0000 http://wdpress.com/?p=40 Apple has recently announced an interesting feature called which is included in MobileMe. Actually this feature is like an iPhone tracking software. The iPhone user just have to enable this function in MobileMe and then login to me.com from any computer to get its current location.

By using this software, the users not only can protect their privacy such as phone numbers and personal information, and can even retrieve their iPhone. The key features are listed below:

– Locate your lost or stolen iPhone. If your iOS device goes missing, you can login to me.com using your Apple ID, where you will be able to view your device’s current location.

– Lock your device remotely. If your iOS device is missing and you can not find it, you can sign in to me.com and lock your handset remotely by sending a password, so nobody can access it.

– Wipe your date remot3ly. If you are sure your iOS device can’t be find and has precious data on it, then a remote wipe can deleted all your data stored, including text messages, contacts, Email and photos. However if later you get your device back, your personal data can be restored from the cloud.

Further more, Find My iPhone has another feature, it can show a message or play a sound. This feature is very helpful if you forget where you leave your iPhone. Just ask MobileMe to play a sound and you will find your iPhone.

Update, Find My iPhone now is free for iOS 4+ users, and will be transferred to Apple new cloud based service iCloud.com