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Wizi is free location based sharing (LBS) app which allows you to send to your friends and family your location on a map via SMS, Email, Twitter and Facebook.

To be exact, Wizi is more like a location sharing social tool because you can not track your friend and show his/her movements in real-time on a map, but it’s quite simple. If you have a GPS enabled cell phone, it can determine your current location, and you can set your location on the map manually as well. As it is using GPS, WiFi and nearest cell tower to find your location, it’s quicker than other GPS tracking apps. After that it will generate a  URL to your location (you can add your address and coordinates), and you can send the URL via SMS from your mobile phone to your friends and associates, they will be directed to Wizi website and showed your location on a map once they click on the link.

In addition, you can do the same on your computer, but this time you can send the URL via Email, twitter and Facebook etc. In the meantime, you can copy the URL to your clipboard and paste it to anywhere you like.

Wizi now is available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Mobile phones. Just type into your address bar of your web browser on your cell phone, and you can start to download their app, and it’s totally free. And your can sign up with them to get your personalized URL.

Facebook to roll out cell phone location tracking Wed, 12 May 2010 03:29:59 +0000 facebook

According to, the world’s largest social network website Facebook is to roll out a cell phone geographic location tracking service for iPhone and Android cell phones.

Facebook’s mobile version, a new sub domain, was reported to be found something called the “places_tab.” in the JavaScript file. However this new feature is not enabled yet, and the code was not found on Facebook’s other mobile version site yet.

As per the code, Facebook will record not only your latitude and longitude, but also your altitude, heading, and speed, according to this code (and assuming they can get all of that information). It will also record the accuracy of the location measurement.

With that said, when an iPhone or Android cell phone types or any other mobile version site where the code is being inserted into the mobile browser in the future, Facebook will be able to track the cell phone location. However, Facebook will support other touch screen cell phones in the future is not certain, people may have to wait for more news about this.

Top five free cell phone tracking software Mon, 29 Mar 2010 13:55:29 +0000 At the beginning of March, we compiled a list of top five mobile phone tracking software in terms of the features. Now the list is ready for our visitors, if you have any question regarding this list, please get in touch with us at or follow me on twitter.


MobiWee currently supports Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry cell phones. Users can remotely Locate and track their device, retrieve their information, then lock, wipe, encrypt, delete certificates (for the corporate user), and shutdown their device from any web browser- even if the SIM card has been removed.

Find more about MobiWee

Find My iPhone

Once you enabled Find My iPhone on your iPhone, you can:
1. Locate your iPhone on a map.
2. Set a passcode lock remotely.
3. Display a message or play a sound on your lost iPhone.
4. Protect your privacy with Remote Wipe.

Find more about Find My iPhone


Buddy is a free GPS track maker for mobile devices that allows you to track any mobile phone or PDA with built-in GPS (or with Bluetooth GPS receiver) in real time.
1. Track any GPS-enabled phone in real-time online.
2. Save trips for later reference.
3. Share the trips with desired people or keep them private.
4. Capture and comment on particular locations of your trip (in real-time) directly from your phone.
5. Import and save trips to Google Earth to visualize them in 3D-mode and more.
6. View route statistics and charts: route length, route duration, avg. & max. speed, altitude changes, etc.
7. Setup alerts on desired regions and get alerted when nearby.
8. See the list of supported devices on the website.

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Mobile tracking system

Mobile Tracking System 1.51 is a free mobile phone tracker, it allows you tracing a mobile phone location via Gps.
1. Tracking a mobile phone location from a GSM mobile phone or GPS receiver.
2. Tracing your current location from a GSM cell phone or GPS receiver.
3. Add or edit a cellid directly from the mobile client.
4. Realtime any user tracking (if allowed by user).
5. Send and receive e-mail messages directly to and from the MTS client.
6. Send and receive MTS chat messages.
7. Send and receive files.

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InstaMapper is a free service that allows you to track a GPS-enabled cell phone online in real time.
1. Lots of storage.
2. Access to raw data.
3. Location sharing.

Find more about InstaMapper

find my iphone

Among above cell phone tracking software, BuddyWay, Find My iPhone, Mobile tracking system and InstaMapper are free to use, you can choose any one of them depending on your cell phone OS.

Start your own GPS mobile phone tracking service Thu, 04 Mar 2010 14:49:44 +0000 A sourceforge member nickfox released last September a project on tracking GPS enabled cell phone on Google Maps which you can find here. The whole package includes three parts, the database, the phone program and the website. You can find the J2ME cell phone source and source code to display data on your own website which can be chosen between .NET+MSSQL and PHP+MYSQL.


This means anyone have a domain and website can start his/her own GPS mobile phone tracking service which is very exciting, as in the past if you wanna track someone’s location on Google Maps you have to sign up with some GPS tracking company with an account, free or needs to be paid. However, in order to use his tracking package you need to have a GPS mobile phone with a data plan to access your website. You also need to get a Google API key for your website. For detailed instructions, you can check his ReadMe text file enclosed in his project.

However according to the reviews, some said it’s amazing while a few others said it did not work, you may want to test it for yourself if you have a Gps cell phone and want to start your own online GPS mobile phone tracking service.

Well it’s worth noting that start your own cell phone tracking businesses requires a lots of skills include knowledge and expertise in web hosting, Apache, MySQL, PHP and mobile apps etc. To cut it short, it’s not easy!!

There is also a GPS cell phone tracking blog[url] where you can find more information about GPS tracking, you may want to check it out sometime.

Best free cell phone tracking software MobiWee Sun, 07 Feb 2010 09:28:06 +0000

Like Apple’s Find My iPhone, MobiWee is another powerful mobile phone GPS tracking software. If your mobile phone get lost or stolen unfortunately, not only can you track it on Google Maps, you can also get its address, send a password to lock it, or even wipe all your personal data. In a word, it’s another Find My iPhone for your handset.

In addition to track your mobile phone location, you can track its usage as well, like view the call logs, take screenshots, manage contacts and files, and even install applications on it remotely, so this is another very powerful mobile tracking software in addition to mobile tracking system 1.51.

MobiWee currently supports iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile phones, you can get a copy of the clients at

After downloading and installing the tracking software, it will send an initiate and processed by your mobile phone in the background, and you can adjust the settings later as well.

All in all, MobileWee is one of the top cell phone tracking software running on various mobile platforms out there, and yet it’s completely free to use.

Please note, it odes not work with Symbian mobile devices, do not ask me again. You can get full details at the official website.

How does GPS work Mon, 30 Nov 2009 13:38:48 +0000 When you turn on your GPS unit or GPS enabled mobile phone for the first time, it starts to search for satellites, usually it needs at least three satellites to determine your current location, however it needs signal from four satellites to acquire more accurate position. This process is called satellites acquisition and may take from a few minutes to over ten minutes depending on where you are.

When the GPS receiver needs to acquire the serial number, orbit and frequency of each satellites and store them. Then the GPS chip will use the signal received from the satellites to calculate your coordinates.

While determine your position, the GPS chip will store two types of data:

– The serial number, orbit and frequency of each satellite and their positions in four hours for future use (the data expires after four hours).
-The coordinates of your last place.

So next time you start your gps cell phone, it does not need to search the satellites again, it can use the information stored previous and needs less time to acquire your current position. That is why when you go through a tunnel or pull out of a garage, you can get your current coordinates quickly

However if you use GPS four hours after your last navigation or moved to another place, the data stored will not be valid and you need another cold start which is time consuming.

What is GPS mobile phone tracking Sat, 15 Aug 2009 01:18:55 +0000 People see how FBI agents track the suspects in 24 hours, actually they are using GPS mobile phone tracking technology.

GPS, short for global positioning system, is a global radio navigation system set up by the US department of defense, it consists of 24 satellites and by connecting to at least three of them, any device that has a GPS receiver can determine its current location,and other factors like speed, time and distance.

In order to track your or others location, you need certain sever and clients. The sever which has a static IP receives and stores the clients locations so that people can keep track of them, this is very useful to track children, the old and fleets. The GPS compatible clients (like PDA and mobile phones) however, in order to be tracked, must have a built-in communication chip and certain software which send its current GPS coordinates to the sever via GSM/GPRS.

GPS cell phone tracking technology advances quickly, the accuracy increased a lot in the past few years so it can be used to track anyone with a GPS mobile phone.

Update, you can NOT track any cell phone as you wish unless you install mobile tracking apps first. Law enforcement can track down any cell phone easily via carrier’s cell phone sites across the country. But that’s web based, not GPS tracking.