Bluetooth – Bluetooth,WiFi,GPS Cell phone tracking Sat, 18 Aug 2018 15:16:59 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Connect cell phone to Internet using Bluetooth tethering Wed, 22 Apr 2009 15:01:37 +0000 There are now many ways of connecting Symbian mobile phones to internet using Bluetooth tethering. Tethering in Android and iOS device is really a piece of cake, but this is not the case in Symbian. In fact, there are a few steps to go before you can tether your Symbian handset.

You usually need built in Bluetooth chip or buy a Bluetooth USB dongle, and you have to install Gnubox  on your mobile phone, and m-router on your computer. This makes it is a little difficult for UIQ mobile phones. But this time we have got a Bluetooth proxy available for almost all mobile phones supported Java which makes it much easier for non-s60v3, non-s60v2 mobile phones.
Settings on PC.

First make sure you have installed Bluetooth driver, widcomm and bluesoil are strongly recommended. Also make sure your pc has JRE. Click on start on the left bottom corner, then click run, type CMD and hit enter, a window pop ups, type java –version. If it shows the version like below window, then go ahead. Otherwise go to download and install it.


Second, go to control panel, double click on Bluetooth configuration, and create an incoming serial port and write port number down.

Finally, download Hiisi1.6.3 and extract it, then locate Pihatonttu, find Pihatonttu.cmd and Pihatonttu_localhost.cmd, open them in notepad, change the COM port number to the serial port number you wrote down earlier and save.

Mobile phone settings

First create an Access Point on your mobile phone, name it bt, then go to advanced settings, enter for the proxy server address, and 1234 for the proxy port number.

Then go to folder Hiisi1.6.3Hiisibin, send hiisi.jar and hiisi.jad to drive E of your mobile phone and install hiisi.jad. After installation open it, if it asks if allow it to send data, choose always yes and choose bt as Access Point, then it starts to search new devices.

Thirdly, choose your computer when it has been found, then go to settings, check “check now”, and select Mozilla/5.0 (Symbian OS) for user agent and save.

Connect your cell phone to internet using Bluetooth


Now pair your mobile phone with your PC, run Pihatonttu.cmd on your computer, and open Hiisi Proxy on your mobile phone, please do not close any of them. Now open your mobile phone browser and select bt as the access point, and you are ready to go.

If you have iPhone, it’s rather easy, just enable it in settings.

Control PC from phone using Bluetooth Remote Control Sun, 05 Apr 2009 07:19:17 +0000 Name: Bluetooth remote control

Bluetooth RC is compatible with Windows XP,Windows 2000,Windows NT,Bluetooth phones supported Java. It lets you control your Bluetooth enabled PC from your cell phone via Bluetooth, you can browse files, play music and PowerPoint presentations on your computer.

User Guide:

1. Install the PC application.

2. Right click on the Bluetooth logo on the right bottom corner, select settings. Select the services tab on the popup window, click on Add serial services. A pop up dialog shows, and it automatically choose a COM port for you, confirm to exit. However if your are using WIDCOMM driver, go to control panel, double click on Bluetooth configuration, then select local on the pop up window, and then click Add serial service, then a dialog displays and choose a COM port for you, confirm and exit.

3. Now double click on the Bluetooth remote control icon on the desktop or programs, a window displays, click Install Phone Client, and you can choose v3.0 or v4.0 and send it to your mobile phone and install it. Usually v3.0 is recommended, but you can always try v4.0.

4. Choose the serial port you set in step 2 under COM Port Connect Method under the General tab.

5. Run Bluetooth remote control on your mobile phone, then locate settings, select COM port. Now pair your cell phone with your PC. Then select search, your cell phone will find your PC, confirm to connect. If your mobile phone connect to your PC successfully, it will prompt a window with all the available selections, now enjoy.

Hint, if you could not choose the serial port in step 4, click on Select Phone and choose the phone you have installed the Client application, then click on Connect to Phone. If successful, it shows your cell phone name: connected.

Update, I removed the download link, please Google it yourself.

How to transfer files between laptop and mobile phone Sun, 22 Feb 2009 04:04:23 +0000 There are many ways to transfer files between computers (laptops) and mobile phones, you may already know some of them, but it still deserves a read.

1.  You can always use a card reader if you have a memory card; many laptops even have built-in card readers. You just have to find the right destination folder in your memory card.

2.  You can use a data cable and most mobile phones are supplied with a data cable. Just connect the data cable to your computer and your mobile phone. For Windows 2000 and Windows XP, you do not need to install drivers. If your computer does not react you might as well connect it to another computer to decide if the data cable works properly or fit well.

3.  If both your laptop and mobile phone are Bluetooth enabled, you can pair them first. After pairing, you can use your mobile as a memory card without a card reader. How? Double click the icon of My Bluetooth place on the desktop, and then double click on your mobile name after a new window prompts, then you can transfer files easily.

4.  Sometimes you can download files directly to your mobile phone if you have a mobile internet. You can always connect to Internet through 3G network, GPRS or Wi-Fi network.

What is Bluesnarfing and how to do it Thu, 25 Dec 2008 08:54:58 +0000 Bluesnarfing is defined as the unauthorized access of information such as text messages, calenders and even pictures from a Bluetooth enabled device through a Bluetooth connection.

Some old mobile phone has a bug which may result in Blue Snarfing, for instance Sony Ericson’s T610 has such a bug. You could exchange information like phone book between Bluetooth devices once a connection is established to the OPP of the Bluetooth enable devices. But some Bluetooth devices has a bug which makes it possible to acquire this information without authentication. Bluesnarfing is based on this bug.

You can use a tool on Linux called obexftp, which is used to access the memory of mobile devices, to perform Bluesnarfing. Type on Linux consoles the following:

#obexftp –b your MAC address –B 10 –g telecom/pb.vcf and you can get the phone book file from the mobile phone which has this bug. Parameter telecom/pb.vcf is the target path of the phone book file of T610, replace it with telecom/cal.vcs and you get the to-do list.

Actually you could also get the victim’s photos, videos, ringtones and other files as long as you know their names and paths.

It’s important to know if your Bluetooth mobile has bugs and download fix and updates from the manufacturers web sites in time.

How to identify Bluetooth mobile models Tue, 16 Dec 2008 06:43:09 +0000 If you search for Bluetooth devices, you can find lots of Bluetooth enabled mobile phones, and many of them name themselves the mobile phone name, such as Nokia 6300, T610-phone. That is because a lot of mobile phones use the default name, and we will know what kind of Bluetooth devices we have found. But sometimes we are not so lucky, we may find device name like Alex or other names we can not judge their models, however there are still a few ways may help you to identify the Bluetooth mobile phones you find.

Similar to NIC, each Bluetooth device has a unique physic address, and you can use the first three bytes to identify their manufacturer. Generally speaking, Nokia mobile phones start with 00:02:EE, 00:60:57, 00:E0:03, Sony Ericson mobile phones start with 00:0A:D9, and Siemens mobile phones start with 00:01:E3. You can go to to check the physic address you find.

Although you can identify a Bluetooth enabled device by checking its physic address, you should use other methods to further identify its model as there are exceptions.

You can use a Bluetooth device fingerprint to further identify its model number. BTDSD published many Bluetooth mobile phones fingerprints at And these fingerprints are included in the database of BluePrint, get to its directory and type sdp browse –tree “your physic address”︱./ “your physic address”, and you will get its fingerprint.

With the Bluetooth devices physic address and fingerprint determined, you can identify its model now.


How safe is your Bluetooth mobile phone Mon, 08 Dec 2008 07:59:11 +0000 When you switch on your mobile’s Bluetooth and search for new devices, you will find lots of Bluetooth mobile phones around, and you can download their contacts even control their mobile phones with the help of certain tools. Many people may leave their mobile phones in invisible mode, but this is not safe enough.

We’ll make a small experiment. Make sure your laptop has a Bluetooth adapter and operating system is SuSe Linux 9.3 or others that have the Bluetooth tools used below.

When all is set, run hcitool and type hcitool scan, your laptop will quickly find a few Bluetooth mobile phones depending on how many people are there, but you will never get disappointed. However you can only find those mobile phones whose Bluetooth is turned on and in discoverable mode. So we need to use BTScanner to perform a brute force scan, type BTScanner and your laptop will start to search, this way you can find those Bluetooth mobile phones in invisible mode.

This shows even if your mobile phone is in invisible mode, others can find you without much effort.

Update, newer and higher version Bluetooth may come with enhanced security for you to withstand this kind of attack. Now on the market Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices are on the increase.

Super Bluetooth hack V1.08 – free download Fri, 21 Nov 2008 04:36:37 +0000 Super Bluetooth hack V1.08 image
By name it’s a Bluetooth hack software, at least it’s what it gives me the impression. In fact Super Bluetooth hack is a Java app designed to control mobile devices using Bluetooth with limited functionality. Although its developer claims it has various features, but most of them as you will find does not work. Besides, you are not supposed to hack or control any Bluetooth enabled mobile devices. You need to make people accept your incoming Bluetooth request, which is kind of impossible for people you do not know. That is, you can only play it with your family or friends or class mate.

After that being said, Super Bluetooth hack is not a hacking tool since it does not work with others permission. I do not think a hacker / cracker will ask for permission from the owner of the PC he / she is dropping exploit. lol

Here are the official features listed.

– Connect via BT/Irda with consent
– Change time / alarms
– switch off or restart the device
– restore factory settings
– change ringing volume
– read text messages
– read phone book
– change profile
– play ringtone even if the handset is on silent
– play songs (in target phone)

After gong through above if you are interested in this Super Bluetooth hack, check it out here.