Best free cell phone tracking software MobiWee

Like Apple’s Find My iPhone, MobiWee is another powerful mobile phone GPS tracking software. If your mobile phone get lost or stolen unfortunately, not only can you track it on Google Maps, you can also get its address, send a password to lock it, or even wipe all your personal data. In a word, it’s another Find My iPhone for your handset.

In addition to track your mobile phone location, you can track its usage as well, like view the call logs, take screenshots, manage contacts and files, and even install applications on it remotely, so this is another very powerful mobile tracking software in addition to mobile tracking system 1.51.

MobiWee currently supports iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile phones, you can get a copy of the clients at

After downloading and installing the tracking software, it will send an initiate and processed by your mobile phone in the background, and you can adjust the settings later as well.

All in all, MobileWee is one of the top cell phone tracking software running on various mobile platforms out there, and yet it’s completely free to use.

Please note, it odes not work with Symbian mobile devices, do not ask me again. You can get full details at the official website.

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